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Frequently asked questions over The Flower Farm

Where can I  buy The Flower Farm magarine?
The Flower Farm spread is available at all Dutch supermarket chains, including Albert Heijn, Jumbo, PLUS and COOP. Unfortunately, not all stores of those chains have yet included it in their store. So, it is always best to check with your local supermarket.

Can I use The Flower Farm magarine for baking biscuits or cakes?
You can use the liquid spread variety for baking, but not the spread in the tub. The Flower Farm spread in the tub is just for use as a spread and contains too much water for baking.

Is shea a long- term solution
We believe that, in the long term, the industry will have to look for a way to produce palm oil that is truly guaranteed to be deforestation-free or to develop an alternative that does not currently exist to meet demand.

Can  other Shea-based products be made?
Yes, they can. We dream about this too. 50% of all packaged products in the supermarket contain palm oil.

Is there great growth potential for The Flower Farm? Shea is a scarce  product and difficult to obtain.
That’s right: for our small-scale brand, it is a good alternative, but not everyone can switch to shea.

Do you continue to look for other alternatives besides Shea?
Yes, like you, we would very much like to see other alternatives to palm oil, with other plantation methodologies. Unfortunately, we are not big enough to organise that ourselves. We hope the industry will soon start looking for suitable alternatives.

Why Doesn’t The Flower Farm contain vitamin B?
B vitamins are water-soluble and are not commonly added to spread products. Vitamins A and D are (and sometimes E, but this is also naturally present in the ingredients).

Why does The Flower Farm contain salt?
We need to be at least as tasty as regular kinds of spread. We found that a little bit of sea salt makes it more delicious. But of course, this is a personal preference.

What packaging is used for The Flower Farm magarine?
Our packaging is made of plastic, just like the packaging of other kinds of spread. We have tried for a long time to package it in cardboard, but until now we have not been able to do so for food safety reasons. The current packaging is the best we could develop with all the considerations we have to make. If things change, we will be at the forefront of sustainability in our packaging. We hope to be able to achieve that in the future.

Is The Flower Farm Organic?
No, we are not organic.

What Ingredients does The Flower Farm contain?
The Flower Farm contains 60% vegetable oils and fats (sunflower oil, shea butter) in varying proportions, water, carrot juice, sea salt, emulsifier: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, lemon juice, natural flavouring, and vitamins A and D.

Can you also use TheE Flower Farm if you suffer from allergies such as to lactose or gluten?
The Flower Farm’s products are free of soy and free of lactose and milk proteins. They are made on a production line on which other brands' products containing lactose and milk protein are produced. Before starting The Flower Farm spread production, the line is cleaned. A rapid allergen test is carried out to ensure that all traces of milk have been removed. After the ‘quick test’ result, the line can be started up or cleaned again until lactose/milk protein is absent.
Zitten er transvetten in de spread?

Nee, onze spread bevat geen transvetten. Transvetten zijn afkomstig van dierlijke oorsprong of ontstaan door het gedeeltelijk harden van vet. Bij Shea (en andere plantaardige oliën) is dit proces niet vereist, waardoor ons product vrij is van transvetten.