It's great that you're getting to know The Flower Farm! We’re a different spread than you’re used to.

We’re a spread with a mission. Yes, that’s right! We are committed to combating rainforest deforestation by palm oil plantations. That is why we make 100% vegetable spread where we replace the palm oil with an alternative for which no deforestation is required: shea butter.

Shea butter comes from the shea tree that grows naturally In the African Savannah. No plantations are required for these trees, and no trees need to be cut down. The tree produces fruit, and when the fruits are ripe, they fall off the tree by themselves. The nuts in these fruits are dried, cracked, washed and processed into shea butter.

We make our spread the way you would make it at home.

We mix sunflower oil, shea butter and water with a little lemon juice, carrot juice, a pinch of sea salt and a hint of natural aroma. You bet it’s delicious!

An increasing proportion of your customers want to eat tasty but above all healthier and more sustainable food. With The Flower Farm, you have an alternative to respond to this important development in the market.

Long live the rainforest!
Eat plants free of palm oil please!

Best regards,
Marcel van Wing
The Flower Farm
The Flower Farm
Mini spread without palm oil
  • 10g tub
  • packed in special
  • display box of
  • 100 units

Where to buy?
You can buy these mini packaging here:

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At The Flower Farm, we want to make an honest and sustainable product. That’s why we have a recipe that consists of only natural ingredients. But most importantly, we don’t use palm oil. Instead, we use shea butter extracted from the fruits of the shea tree, which grows on the savannahs of Africa.

Finally, it is important to know that all our products are gluten, lactose and cow's milk protein free.
To familiarise your customers with The Flower Farm, we’ve come up with a few things you can easily use.

The Flower Farm display box

The Flower Farm napkins

The Flower Farm basket

When we started making The Flower Farm spread , we wanted to do it as honestly as possible. That’s why we make it the way you would make it at home. We mix sunflower oil, shea butter, water, lemon juice and carrot juice, and then add a pinch of sea salt. To make it bind well, we add a natural plant-based emulsifier (you could replace that with a bit of egg yolk, but then it would no longer be vegan). Finally, we add vitamins A and D. That’s how simple spread can be.

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